If you don't believe in your brand, why should anyone else?

Photographers a notoriously either very worried about pricing or they are confident and stick with the pricing of their photo sessions, prints, downloads and photo usage. So what many new professional photographers or professional hobbyist photographers do is charge low. I am guilty of that right now but not forever I hope.
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How closely do you monitor and control your photography?

Steve Jobs did not invent how Apple makes the products that are loved by so many. Why would I say that he was a genius but his idea of controlling a high-end brand from start to finish was not something unique, Baron Philippe de Rothschild did that in the early 1920s?

Your photographer does not use lights, should you worry?

Comparison headshot

So you finally found a photographer you liked. Their photos are exactly the look and style you are looking for. When they show up to your shoot don't have a flash. I don't have those light stands or lights like at J.C. Penny. Oh my, are you ripped off? Your photographer does not use lights, should you worry?

What do you do when people unfollow or unfriend you on SM?

Facebook like statistics

So one day you are looking through your Facebook friends list and you notice someone you were friends with is no longer there. Perhaps you see that drop in likes on your Facebook fan page and that loss hurts like losing a friend. Let us look at Instagram, why are they not following you. Were they expecting you to follow them back? In all these cases you may think on what happened and if they were a friend you might really be hurt. But honestly, if they were your real friend would they unfriend you? This happens all the time in local small groups of photographers and models on Facebook. Here is my advice.

Photographers don't quit, they shut it down.

Woman in red glamour portrait

Thinking about what to write is pretty easy for me at the moment. I have a significant list of blog post subjects. The titles always don't show easily in my mind but sometimes it jumps at me. This morning on the way back from a shoot I turned on Oregon Public Radio (OPB) and a radio show was on, "The Upside of Quitting". So what is the upside, is there one and have I quit? When I retired from the Army it was a major transition for me. I agonized over leaving an institution that I had been around my entire life since my father was an Army lifer. It literally took me counseling to deal with quitting. That is how I still feel, that I quit on my guys, my career and the life I had. I also know that without quitting my life would not be even close to as good. There is no way my wife would have liked my Army life and without Rebecca, I would have lost so much. I agonized quitting a recent job, (I still do paid photography but I like to work at a structured job as well) before I took the occupation that keeps me busy and paid every weekday morning. It was such the right decision for me. 

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