Networking or group shoots are not portfolio making events, unless...

I watch a lot of Joe Edelman videos on Youtube. He has said, based on my poor memory, group shoots suck for making portfolio images. I used to disagree with him until I really started looking through my photos recently and realized how on the money he was. Networking or group shoots are not portfolio making events, unless...

I recently attended an event and I will tell you a networking/group photo shoot event can make great images for your portfolio. The planning and effort that goes into a good group shoot is the most important element. So many of these photo shoots, especially in the Portland metro area tend to happen in the middle of the day. Most of the photographers you will get are not professional, sometimes experienced hobbyists but many times just guys and gals with cameras or GWC's. But if you are looking to explore posing for the camera or you just want some images for social media they are awesome to go to as a model. 

If you are on my end, the photographer side, what happens is that you get the "models" who do their own makeup and hair and worse case personal styling without any input from anyone. Most people cannot do makeup for a photo shoot on their own, they need the help of experienced MUA's. 

Speaking of experienced MUA's, that last event I went to was all planned by the wonderful Anny Saavedra. She is on Facebook and I wish I could show you some of the pics she did for some boudoir customers. You can check out her stuff on Facebook here

This last event had make-up artists, hair stylists, clothing stylists, parents, friends, family, an awesome location and we were there all day making many portfolio worthy images. Why was this networking/group shoot so much different? The amount of gives a shitness that was given by everyone. No one showed up in wrinkly clothes, no one showed up unprepared to put the effort in and I even went out and planned what I wanted to do lighting wise. 

What helps a networking/group shoot is a theme, a story line or something to connect everyone. This storyline was "Latin Beauty Tour Of Mexico", where we focused on traditional or inspiration from Mexican culture. The majority of the models were 18 or younger but there were a couple exceptions. I for one, love working with teen models. 



Now on to the boring photography bits. I took these photos with my Canon 4d Mark III and a couple different pieces of glass. I lit them with a Canon 580exII Speedlite in a Godox speedlite softbox using Photix wireless triggers. I had another 430exII Speedlite as a highlighter/fill ready and sometimes used along with a reflector and the wonderful sunlight of a beautiful Oregon summer day. I edited the photos in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. 

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I am Ed Devereaux, retired U.S. Army Tank Commander and this is my photography blog - Confessions of a failed professional photographer. A Sabot is a type of round on a tank. It is pronounced Sa-Bo and this blog is where I shoot, move, and communicate - click click. 

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