Detox from negativity

I did it. I detoxed from negativity in my photography life. What do I mean by that? 

Social media has this power to connect each of us but it also has the power to divide us in so many ways. Maybe it is the photographer who does not share the photos of the model and the model does not understand why not. Or that could be the opposite where the model keeps posting photos on Instagram that frankly, suck. How about that photography friend who constantly posts political crap that we see from our real friends who's opinions actually are important to us but they are our real friends and can deal when we support a political party, have an opinion about transgendered in the military and much more. So bad that in fact, you as an artist are afraid to post your opinion in fear of being ostracized by those who don't agree with you. 

This goes for photos posted as well. Following someone on Instagram hoping they will comment on your stuff or ask to work with you even though their photos are such shit, you can't deal with it and know you could do better. Unfollow those people, people. There is no reason to follow anyone's Instagram feed of photos of their legs because they feel that is artistic if you don't like them. I actually ran into an Instagram account where the model posts pictures of their feet. Eww, feet are not my thing. 

Then there is the very talented make-up artist that I have known for years but all their posts are about how terrible the world is and it is all due to men. Man, her father must have been a really big turd bucket of a man. I love her work but realized she is the exact type of person I don't want to bring into my life. She was not a real friend but a business associate and that is how photographers, mua's, hs's, designers, models, and anyone else in the photography world needs to look at it. 

I took most of the month of July off. I still checked out IG but I unfollowed more than I liked. Not because I dislike them as a person but what they shared just was not good enough to take up my mobile data bandwidth limit. I went on vacation and did not bring out my DSLR but once and soon put it back when someone else volunteered to take the reunion photos. I used my iPhone and made a few pics and shared them. 

Not everyone is going to agree with you. You don't have to agree with them. Your real friends will be ok with that and can still talk about how we used to sneak booze into concerts in your cleavage or something more serious. Love you C. 

I am Ed Devereaux, retired U.S. Army Tank Commander and this is my photography blog - Confessions of a failed professional photographer. A Sabot is a type of round on a tank. It is pronounced Sa-Bo and this blog is where I shoot, move, and communicate - click click. 

Shots fired, collect the aftcaps. 

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