Ed's 10 tips before you call yourself a model

There is a bubble in the market. Not in the housing market but in the modeling market. So many people think they have what it takes to be a model and are disappointed when what they try to do does not work or they find out modeling is a very hard job. So here I go with some of my tips before you decide that you want to be a model.

  1. Be real to yourself and be prepared if you do not have the look wanted for a particular genre. 
  2. Don't shoot something you are not prepared to be asked to have out in public and you are not prepared to be known for. 
  3. Shoot with more than one photographer and shoot only with photographers whose style you like or who takes photos for the places you want to model for.  
  4. Never pay for modeling portfolio photos, ever. There is a bubble in the photographer market too. Agencies that charge are not out to sell you but sell to you 
  5. Clothing should be solid colors and flattering. Unless it is Cosplay but it has to be good Cosplay to be able to be successful doing it. 
  6. Your most important photo is a headshot, just like actors, online dating or politicians, that photo is your key to many doors. 
  7. You want to be a paid model, be prepared to have digitals or polaroids, no make-up, long hair in a ponytail, solid black bra/pantie with no logo or lace, one photo of your face and one of your entire body. 
  8. Your portfolio should have 12 to 24 photos. You can use the same photographer but make sure the looks, locations, and lighting show a variety. Some photographers can do that for you but many do one style they like and nothing else. 
  9. Where to find a photographer, Google duh, one suggestion is Commerial Advertising Photographers as they know what is in demand in your area. If that does not work for you I suggest sites like Model Mayhem or a Facebook group like ISOconnection
  10. Be careful but have fun. Modeling is hard work and can require very early mornings, late evenings, hustle and a positive attitude. If it is not fun for you give it up, modeling is not for you. 

I wish I could say I had all the answers about being a model. I do have a great online resource for you to check out, 15 Tips for a great modeling portfolio by Joe Edelman. He is a pretty straight forward honest photographer and one of my favorite educators in the business today. 


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