Millennials are killing professional photography

So you have that camera and you are a photographer. Sooner or later someone will ask you to use it to make a portrait of them. You will get that shot composed, exposed, edited and delivered to your subject. Maybe you even give them more than one, or if you are lucky enough, paid for one or more than one. You eagerly share that image on Facebook and you get the required likes from the client, their friends, and your friends. All is well and the next damn day they post a selfie in a bathroom mirror with the crappy phone flash on and you never see your hard work shared again. 
Welcome to doing business with the Millennial Customer.  I had this all thought out and ready to write this past weekend but that is when it occurred to me.
Can you really blame millennials? They spend their lives taking selfies for Snapchat, showing off what they are wearing as if they are fashion icons on Instagram, or capturing themselves with our without their friends at an event. Everyone is now a news beat photographer and how the hell are you going to make a living out of taking portraits. 
Millennials are killing professional photography like they are killing everything else based on this article, Millennials are bad. Yes, I know it is a humor article and it pretty much makes fun of what a lot of professional or Hobbyist photographers have told me. Millennials are killing professional level photography with their Instagram Filters, Selfies, and smartphones. 
Is it true, are millennials killing us? We all have kitchens and food carts are still around. Ok, yes I am hungry but the restaurant industry faces a lot of the same challenges and I love talking about food just not cooking it. Want to learn to cook, watch the Food Network = Want to take better photos, watch AdoramaTV. No, they are not killing professional photography but are making us up our game. It might be more evident with the millennial customer but pretty much most customers will not care about the photography you created as much as you the photographer. I fully believe that if your images are good enough, compelling enough and you interesting/nice/famous/rich enough they will appreciate what you do, and then post a selfie in the bathroom of a gym. 

I am Ed Devereaux, retired U.S. Army Tank Commander and this is my photography blog - Confessions of a failed professional photographer. A Sabot is a type of round on a tank. It is pronounced Sa-Bo and this blog is where I shoot, move, and communicate - click click. 

Shots fired, collect the aftcaps. 

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