A common sense secret to creating better photos

I was driving along this weekend and heard something that so applied to what helped hold me back from becoming a full time professional photographer. Listening to a podcast this past weekend something was said that I knew but never really applied it to myself as a photographer. Just a passing comment can bring such revelations to me it amazes me that no one else has said it, or have they and I just was not listening? 

The comment was, "How does a millionaire become a billionaire? Connect with more billionaires." How simple is that and very true but how does this apply to your creation of photos. Simple, connect with better models, photographers, photo editors, and your photos will improve but I want to offer you a cautionary tail that I was also reminded during podcast, Six Figure Photography where Bradford Rowley was interviewed of many other things. Rowley discussed a networking event where no one would give him the time of the day, the same Bradford Rowley that sells his photographic artwork at prices most of us would dream of. I faced this obstacle years ago in Louisville Kentucky. 

The group was called the Louisville Photography Collective. I was never welcomed into this group, especially by wedding photographers. During this time I believed I was good enough to be a professional photographer and they were right to look at me as I was, a hobbyist amature who wanted some of thier business. Instead of welcoming me into the group, most just did not want to welcome me into their conversations when we gathered, and Rowley faced that same thing. 

The person you want to find is someone who is willing to help you and guide you in your journey as an image maker. Sometimes paid workshops are the key, sometimes it might be a photography group on Facebook. Regardless of how you find them fine one or two people who are better than you to guide you. Don't settle with a group that does not make images you love. You will find during your journey that sooner or later the group of "photography" friends you have been working with just are not at the same level. Help them but find that billionaire like person to help you get better. 

And if you are that better image maker, don't forget where you started and welcome the amature hobbyist into your conversations. 

I am Ed Devereaux, retired U.S. Army Tank Commander and this is my photography blog - Confessions of a failed professional photographer. A Sabot is a type of round on a tank. It is pronounced Sa-Bo and this blog is where I shoot-move and communicate - click click. 

Shots fired, collect the aftcaps. 

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