Skinny people for free, WTF did she just say?

I am at a gathering of photographers and people to fill the role as models. Not a lot of models but a couple. Typically I hear male photographers say things that are best not said, like the self-righteous hobbyist who blatantly said out loud "Her boobs are huge.". That shocked me and we are no longer acquainted. Then along comes this female photographer who said clear as day to me 'I only do trades and free shoots for women who are skinny, I mean smaller than me and I am a size 8." Wow, so tell me again how you prefer to be photographed by a woman?

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It was incredulous that she so easily said that. I sort of understand where she was coming from, wait, no I don't. The photographer's job is to bring out the beauty in all their subjects and especially clients. I recently did a free trade shoot. Melissa is not a model but a grown adult woman who put a lot of effort into losing weight. She initially contacted me about doing a boudoir shoot but when we talked on the phone I could not help but detect her apprehension.  I understand boudoir shoots are hard to do unless you have confidence. So I offered her the opportunity to shoot some portraits with me. I would not charge her for them and if she later wanted to shoot a glam session, let me know. 

The shoot ended and to say she was happy and relieved that her first professional photo session turned out as it did. The female photographer who said she only did trade, or as we photographers really call it, free for skinny people has no idea what she is missing out. I would rather photograph a real woman than a model any day of the week. Her response is one of the reasons I started taking people portraits with a camera so long ago, I like to make my clients feel good. Think of it like phototherapy. 

If you happen to be a photographer, shoot what your target market is. If it is buxom beauties in swimsuits, great, be selective but if you want to photograph real people, find them and build your portfolio with people who do not want to be on America's next top model. 

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