Your photographer does not use lights, should you worry?

So you finally found a photographer you liked. Their photos are exactly the look and style you are looking for. When they show up to your shoot don't have a flash. I don't have those light stands or lights like at J.C. Penny. Oh my, are you ripped off? Your photographer does not use lights, should you worry?

This is something photographers feel passionately about, some are advocates of the natural light method. Then there are the strobists, who typically look more professional with all their huge umbrellas and softboxes with massive lights. Of course, there are those, such as myself prefer a speedlite with a modifier and a reflector. 

Above are 2 portraits, do you notice the difference now? The one on the left was shot using a Canon Speedlite and the one on the right was natural light with a little help from a reflector and some photoshop. 

A true professional photographer, in my opinion, understands when to use natural light and when a strobe is needed. Sometimes that is done to the situation. Example, my son's wedding. I am a firm believer that natural light makes the best photos. Why, because it is from God and nature and not artificially created by man. But I am also a pragmatist who does not like to sit in a dark house either. So, at my son's wedding, what did I do.  

For this portrait of my wife and kids, I shot natural light. But I had a flash readily available on my camera but there was enough light I choose to not use it. If this was in a darker environment, a speedlite at minimum would of been a necessity. 

The fact is if you did not know the difference before hand, and you like what the photographer does, don't worry about it. 

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