What do you do when people unfollow or unfriend you on SM?

So one day you are looking through your Facebook friends list and you notice someone you were friends with is no longer there. Perhaps you see that drop in likes on your Facebook fan page and that loss hurts like losing a friend. Let us look at Instagram, why are they not following you. Were they expecting you to follow them back? In all these cases you may think on what happened and if they were a friend you might really be hurt. But honestly, if they were your real friend would they unfriend you? This happens all the time in local small groups of photographers and models on Facebook. Here is my advice.

I so wanted to rant and rage at a "friend" not too long ago. They did not like that I have put some focus on Boudoir photography and decided that is not something they wanted to be around. It happens, peripheral friends on Facebook will stop being your friend due to something you say or do and that is just fine. They just proved not to be your real friends. That goes with followers, they are not your friend so it should not hurt equally but it seems to do that. 

Look at my photography fan page on Facebook. I don't have thousands of followers and I have more on Instagram. The funny part is I have more friends on Facebook than I do likes on my fan page. Why, who knows and does it matter. As long as I am able to reach people who really care what I do it is all good. Don't let the numbers fool you either. I know a studio here in Portland Oregon that has been around for generations and does great work, less than 200 fans on their Facebook page. Likes do not equal business opportunities, business equals likes. When people pay for your photography service, that is a real like. 

So what should you do if people stop following you or unfriend you as the case may be? Let it go, that is what. It happens to the best photographers. A post by Jasmine Starr, a very well known wedding photographer, that had something that really resonated with me. 

"When people unfollow my Facebook page, I understand we weren’t a fit anymore.  Our lives no longer intersected and that’s okay. I understand that my business will go farther with two people genuinely interested in what I do than 200 mere spectators and opinionators. "

I think the world of Jasmine Starr and you really should follow her. She has great advice and is a really nice person. 



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