Do you really want those unedited photos?

Wow, how have you been? Me, I have been on Jury duty for the past week but today I am focusing on trying to catch up on my photo editing. Recently, probably due to how long it has been taking me to get people their photos I have had a lot of requests that I don't have to edit the photos. Now, I know I am not getting them within 3 days like I used to but I don't feel two weeks is too long for me to do what I do to the photos I take for people. Why as a photographer you should edit your photos and why you as a subject should want it done. 

The photo for this post was from this Saturday morning. I have been working on Randi's images as much as I can but today I focused on getting them done. I should have been folding the laundry I promised my wife but I had to get these done and now write a blog post. Randi is a model has a friend, Dominique, who wanted to work on her clothing stylist portfolio. How could I refuse right? This photo was one of the last photos we took that day. So did I really need to edit her photo?

Have you noticed the right eyelash on the right? It was a fake eyelash and was coming off and no one noticed it until I was preparing her photos for final delivery. So even when they are so beautiful, they may need a bit of Photoshop magic. Before you jump on the anti-photoshop drum, I don't care. It is a tool and photo retouching has always been around.

If you are a photographer, you are free to have your photos out there without any retouching if you want but to me, that reflects non-professionalism. Even if all you do is dodge and burn the shadows and highlights, that is still retouching. 

So why, as a photographer, you should care. Because it is your brand. Do you really want your client to put some crappy Instagram filter on the image you worked so hard on? 

Want to see more of the photos of Randi? Check out her photo gallery here


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