Why do photographers charge what they do - Reasons 2 and 3?

So you want 10 digital pictures retouched and an hour photo session but when you see the price you are shocked about the amount. Why does a photographer think they are worth that amount?


Those who know me see my shirts and hashtag of #upgradetheselfie know that I believe I can make better photos than you can but you have your camera with you and it does not take you that long to post your photos. If Kim Kardashian posted all the 6000 selfies that were reported she took during a vacation to Mexico you would see a shit load of not so great but I have great respect of her marketing genius (not including that video). She knows to show the best but do you really have the free time to take 6,000 selfies in 4 days?


Number 3 reason: When I first started, I used to shoot with someone and take around 1,000 pictures in a couple hours and give them at least 200 photos. Now, I shoot 200 photos and give the client 100 to choose from at most. This is after years of practice which is part of the price you are paying for. Years of critiques, failures, successes, classes, workshops and more over those years of experience.


Your phone has a pretty good camera in comparison to what was out there in 2004 on cell phones now. That is a given but does not come close to what most professional photographers use for gear and lighting. You and I are on the autobahn in Germany, I am driving a BMW M3 and you are driving a Ford Focus, who do you think will get to the location the fastest with least effort. Performance is important.


Number 2 reason: The equipment a professional employs costs them a lot of money. Period, true reason but that does not include everything. You can have no idea how much gear I have purchased over the years that just did not work out. I bought some lenses (glass in pro lingo) that were just plain shit. Can an amateur photographer do the same, sure, but it takes years of practice to be good but there are exceptions.

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