Most photos you are in, you take of yourself or you take of other people are crap.

As I said in my previous post, I am a bit consumer of knowledge. There is a term called the Pareto Principle. When it is applied to photography I look at it this way. 80% of everything you photograph or are photographed in is crap, the rest is what you have to choose from.


The top 20% of your images will create the most likes, followers, sales and new business. The other 80% will only produce 20% of the likes, followers, sales and new business. Focus on quality regardless if you are a model, photographer or just want to hire a photographer. Start there and work your way down to price.


When I was first starting out I asked Arminaif she would allow me to photograph her. We agreed to trade her time for my images. We met a couple times for photo shoots and she was way more experienced at modeling than I was at taking people photos. Why did I ask Armina to shoot, she was photogenic, had experience and was a successful pageant contestant. I figured she would help me get better and that was a sure fact. In one hour with her, I learned more about posing and how quickly a skilled and experienced photographic model could change poses.


This goes both ways, there have been great models who turned me down or told me that they required being paid. I now understand, I just did not have the quality they were looking for. In an earlier post about not everyone is for youyou might believe your quality is above another but you might not be so great in their eyes.


I am a huge fan of a great hamburger. I only allow pickles and onions on my burgers because at 12 or so I realized that my mom’s burgers with onions in them were not a big deal, McDonald's hamburgers had onions the entire time. But, I am also away that if I want something with a grill taste, Burger King is the way to go but if I really want a great burger, I go to Five Guys or even better Red Robin or the wonderful burgers in Government Camp at the Ratzburger or at Helvetia Tavern in Hillsboro. But the best hamburgers are my wife’s, they are so good and no one compares to her.


When you are looking for a photographer, model or even gear focus on quality. That is when you start compromising based on price but the other way around. You can be fed by a McDonald's hamburger for around a buck or you can pay $10 and have something really enjoyable.

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