What are you, a knower or a doer?

Have you ever heard the term those who cannot do teach? I don’t believe that is true as some exceptional instructors have come through my life, in high school, college, Army, advertising, and photography. What truly sets the very successful apart from the mediocre like myself is doing.


There is a lot of knowledge in my head. Marketing, leadership, and of course photography. Slowly much of the technical stuff I knew in the Army about commanding a tank has been slowly replaced by updated information and skills. I am a knower and a sometimes doer.


Last week I posted about the number one reason I failed as a professional photographer. If you did not catch it you can find it here. I take pretty solid and some might say great photos. Personally, I would put myself in the top 25% of portrait photographers in Portland but not the top 10%. Some of it has to do with lack of a studio, some lack of equipment but mostly lack of doing.


Doing those things to become well known in the area. Examples range from not going to fashion networking events, not enforcing credit for my images and more. The think I am the worst at doing, asking to be paid for my work. This is a common dilemma among artists, valuing their own work. Yes, a photographer is an artist.



I am a continuous and voracious reader, class taker and podcast listener. I am always improving my knowledge but using that knowledge and doing is a weakness of mine. I fully admit it.  

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