Ultimate reason I failed as a full-time professional photographer

The number one and ultimate reason I failed as a full-time professional photographer is….wait for it….



When I reopened my website after a much-needed upgrade and redesign I told myself, write 52 blog posts and have them ready to post every Sunday for the year. I had some free time during the holidays so I thought no problem.


 Well, turns out I did not write the 52 but did write the first 3, yea me. So instead of a fresh blog post every Sunday, I am slowly becoming a bit more and more behind. This is not something unique to me, we all have that thing we have to do that we put off. Writing or posting a blog post on a regular basis is important to create a body of text that will justify your position as a professional. Not only that, SEO is too important and a great picture means little to a Google search, the text is what you need on your website to be found.


I am a retired Army sergeant, the structure of the military kept me in line and after that, a corporate job did the same. When I became a full-time professional with my own studio, I was never hardly in the studio when I did not have a shoot planned.


To be truthfully honest I was suffering from a bit of depression. I did not really want to do anything and did what you should never do, sit complacently while waiting for your big break. Your big break will only come along if you make it happen and I did not have the motivation to make it happen, and here it is, the number one reason why I failed to be a full-time professional photographer.



I was too lazy to make it happen.  

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