Select a photographer on what they use to edit their shots

You get a lot of types behind the camera. There are strobists who adore and are obsessed by types and lighting styles. They know things about inverse square law and have thousands of dollars in lighting and light modifiers.  There are the natural light photographers who only use the sun, reflections, and reflectors. Then you have the in-betweeners like me who sometimes use lights but sometimes not. If I was hiring a photographer, I would not care how he lights the photos but I do care about his editing. 
I know professional photographers who will tell other photographers they never edit in any program, just straight out of camera. This is a misnomer that if I do it right straight out of camera is perfectly fine. Then there are photographers who outsource to professional retouchers or assistants to do what they don't feel like doing or don't know. My favorites, teasing, are those who use phone or online software to edit their shots. I personally edit every photo that I deliver, it is part of my photography soul to give you who I am. I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, some like me also use a couple other professional photographer level software programs such as Capture One.
Why is it important to ask what your photos will be edited with? If you like the photographer's photos why does it matter what they use. The type of lighting they use might be important to you but most photographers can make light with any light source. 
Those who say the photos are right out of camera don't care if that skin tag bothers you or much else. Perhaps they are one of those people who believe photoshopping is a sin. My job and their job is to make you look good in the photographs they take for you. I believe this is wrong and a bit lazy but if it works for them who am I to judge, but yet I still do when they say, " I don't edit my pics."
Maybe they use those wonderful Instagram or Snapseed level programs to edit your pictures. Adobe Photoshop costs very little a month and these are the same photographers who refuse to invest that much to make your portraits look a bit better or maybe push in that little bulge around your waist that you hate so much. 
I use Photoshop and Lightroom with the goal of giving you unique artwork and looks that I alone created but there are wonderful retouchers out there who make incredible edits as well using these programs as well. 




Why does it matter what a photographer uses to edit their pictures? In truth, the only thing that really matters is how the photos turn out and if you like them. Who cares what kind of lighting or retouching they do? I care but I am also a photographer. I feel cheated when a photographer takes a photo and does not retouch them with professional level software. In the end, the only thing that matters is if you like their photos. 
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