Business succeeds by specializing in its strength.

When it comes to succeeding, focusing on your strength as a model or a photographer is probably the most successful way to become a professional. One of the main reasons I failed is that I started as a landscape photographer and then moved onto people portraits and there are so many different types of portraits out there. And if you are or were like me, you wanted to be a fashion photographer. There were so many things that got into the way to make this specialization a stupid way to go. 

When this first became my dream I was in Louisville Kentucky. To be honest, I was so ill-suited and prepared to be a fashion photographer. I just did not have the amount of practice needed but I was able to work with some really outstanding people like Ivy, photo in the post, who helped me gain the confidence I needed. Then there was the location I was in, Louisville and for that matter now in Portland Oregon, these are not the fashion capitals of the world but have their own thing going. But if you are into that style, you need to be committed to being in that style. 

What I did was shoot fashion portraits but without being involved with designers, publications and the like, my photographs were just another type of portrait. Then there was high school senior portraits. One of my absolute favorite styles of photography. This involved some fashion elements and teens are so much fun to work with. I could have done pretty well in that arena but the competition is very stiff, almost as much as wedding or maternity. Everyone is a photographer now so you have to stand out. 

I have a friend, TJ Simon, who does photograph a wide variety of things but his specialization is landscapes. I know from first had experience that he knows how to make a great portrait but traveling the world to deliver great looking landscapes is where is specializes. It shows and everyone knows that he shoots beautiful places and sometimes that leads to other types of gigs but his landscapes are where it is at. You can check him out on his website here.

Find that one thing you are good at or enjoy the most. Shoot it or model it over and over. Become one with that style and specialize. I am not saying don't try other things but if you want to be successful, do what I could not do, specialize and succeed. 


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