Why confessions of a failed photographer?

I mentioned that I was a failed professional photographer to a recent subject and they adamantly said I am not a failed photographer. That is right, I am not a failed photographer but a failed professional photographer. There is a difference, I can create a great photo but suck at the rest of the stuff, marking, networking, selling, and the like.


What I am to do on my new revamped Sabot Images blog is to share what I have learned over the last 10 years, be a bit reflective, sometimes pissed and irrational, and honest about where I started, what I learned, where I am now and most importantly why I think I am a failed professional photographer.

When I first started taking portraits I thought I was the good to go. My images were print ready and should be on magazine covers and hanging in people's homes. Well, I was wrong. I was ok and better than the dad or mom with their phone but not by much. It was not until recently that I realized how far I have come, happy with where I am at artistically and understand that I may never reach the point where I will be a professional photographer.

It was a bit thing to hear from celebrated photographers who gave workshops that you should just jump in and do it. That does not work, it takes time and effort as all good things. Don't just jump in, wade in like a very cold pool. So I hope that what I write will help those who are starting out and are thinking about being a professional photographer.

What I really would like to see is people who did make it correct me or give inspiration on what worked for them. If I nailed it on the head, you probably are not reading this as you already gave up and sold your camera gear.


Edmund (Ed) Devereaux is a professional photographer in Portland Oregon, Army veteran (retired), businessman, father, husband and sometimes butt hole. 


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