Detox from negativity

I did it. I detoxed from negativity in my photography life. What do I mean by that? 

Portland Teen Model Lydia Johnson

Ed's 10 tips before you call yourself a model

There is a bubble in the market. Not in the housing market but in the modeling market. So many people think they have what it takes to be a model and are disappointed when what they try to do does not work or they find out modeling is a very hard job. So here I go with some of my tips before you decide that you want to be a model.

Millennials are killing professional photography

So you have that camera and you are a photographer. Sooner or later someone will ask you to use it to make a portrait of them. You will get that shot composed, exposed, edited and delivered to your subject. Maybe you even give them more than one, or if you are lucky enough, paid for one or more than one. You eagerly share that image on Facebook and you get the required likes from the client, their friends, and your friends. All is well and the next damn day they post a selfie in a bathroom mirror with the crappy phone flash on and you never see your hard work shared again. 
Welcome to doing business with the Millennial Customer.  I had this all thought out and ready to write this past weekend but that is when it occurred to me.

A common sense secret to creating better photos

I was driving along this weekend and heard something that so applied to what helped hold me back from becoming a full time professional photographer. Listening to a podcast this past weekend something was said that I knew but never really applied it to myself as a photographer. Just a passing comment can bring such revelations to me it amazes me that no one else has said it, or have they and I just was not listening? 

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