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How closely do you monitor and control your photography?

Steve Jobs did not invent how Apple makes the products that are loved by so many. Why would I say that he was a genius but his idea of controlling a high-end brand from start to finish was not something unique, Baron Philippe de Rothschild did that in the early 1920s?

Millennials are killing professional photography

So you have that camera and you are a photographer. Sooner or later someone will ask you to use it to make a portrait of them. You will get that shot composed, exposed, edited and delivered to your subject. Maybe you even give them more than one, or if you are lucky enough, paid for one or more than one. You eagerly share that image on Facebook and you get the required likes from the client, their friends, and your friends. All is well and the next damn day they post a selfie in a bathroom mirror with the crappy phone flash on and you never see your hard work shared again. 
Welcome to doing business with the Millennial Customer.  I had this all thought out and ready to write this past weekend but that is when it occurred to me.
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