Do you really want those unedited photos?

Wow, how have you been? Me, I have been on Jury duty for the past week but today I am focusing on trying to catch up on my photo editing. Recently, probably due to how long it has been taking me to get people their photos I have had a lot of requests that I don't have to edit the photos. Now, I know I am not getting them within 3 days like I used to but I don't feel two weeks is too long for me to do what I do to the photos I take for people. Why as a photographer you should edit your photos and why you as a subject should want it done. 

Why do photographers charge what they do – the most important reason?

Have you ever sat at a border gas station in Oregon? I have and always hear one person who says, why I can’t pump my own gas. Wow, how is this a problem, it costs nothing extra to you and your hands avoid smelling like gas. This is like going into a restaurant and going to the kitchen (another food reference like a previous last and cooking and getting your own food and filling your own glass. Your waiter/waitress has made sure your order is right, the chef has ensured your food does not have hairs in it and is well cooked and you get to enjoy your time and the company of your family.

What are you, a knower or a doer?

Have you ever heard the term those who cannot do teach? I don’t believe that is true as some exceptional instructors have come through my life, in high school, college, Army, advertising, and photography. What truly sets the very successful apart from the mediocre like myself is doing.


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