Select a photographer on what they use to edit their shots

You get a lot of types behind the camera. There are strobists who adore and are obsessed by types and lighting styles. They know things about inverse square law and have thousands of dollars in lighting and light modifiers.  There are the natural light photographers who only use the sun, reflections, and reflectors. Then you have the in-betweeners like me who sometimes use lights but sometimes not. If I was hiring a photographer, I would not care how he lights the photos but I do care about his editing. 

Business succeeds by specializing in its strength.

When it comes to succeeding, focusing on your strength as a model or a photographer is probably the most successful way to become a professional. One of the main reasons I failed is that I started as a landscape photographer and then moved onto people portraits and there are so many different types of portraits out there. And if you are or were like me, you wanted to be a fashion photographer. There were so many things that got into the way to make this specialization a stupid way to go. 

I flaked on a photo shoot but I am not a flake.

I don't care who you are or what you are, a model or a photographer. Sooner or later something will happen to cause you to not show up to a shoot or cancel at the last moment. This is commonly called flaking on a shoot. But you are not a flake, how do you respond. 

My quest to be a renaissance photographer man.

As a new photographer, the first thing you find is either you have one thing you adore photographing or you learn that there are so many things you want to photograph. The latter happens to be more how I started. When I started calling myself a professional photographer, this proved to be a fatal mistake. My quest to be a renaissance photographer man.

Where do you get your portfolio started

One of the best ways to get better at being a photographer and making a name for yourself, or at least a portfolio worth sharing is trade photo shoots. Commonly known as TF, TFP or some other combination of letters it is a scourge but necessary part of the process of getting better at creating people focused pictures. You could grab your spouse, best friend or child of course but here is what happens, they get tired of being your model very fast and being the subject of all your pictures on Instagram or Facebook. Or they could just not be attractive or cute, which is a big importance to those wishing to gain social media followers.

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